Happy International Nurses Day!

👩‍⚕️💜 Happy International Nurses Day! 💜👨‍⚕️ Today, we celebrate the superheroes in scrubs - our incredible nurses! Your dedication, compassion, and unwavering commitment to patient care inspire us every day. Thank you for being the heart of healthcare, working tirelessly to heal, comfort, and support those in need. You're the ones who make a real [...]

Paving the way for empowered parenthood with elective egg freezing

Empowering Choices & futures, egg freezing embraced in Singapore! We're thrilled to announce that starting from 26 June 2023, the Singapore government has legalized elective egg freezing for both single and married women aged 21 to 37. This empowering development allows women to take charge of their reproductive choices and explore the possibilities of parenthood [...]

Dr Fong Yang’s Thoughts on an Straits Times Article on Woman braving weekend congestion at Woodlands Checkpoint to give birth in JB

Article: My thoughts on this incident: 1) This is one tough lady, and VERY VERY lucky.  This is her first pregnancy, which is why she managed to hold off the delivery from 7am when the waterbag broke, till her delivery at 4pm in JB  If this was the second or subsequent pregnancy, things could have [...]

Dr Fong Yang’s Thoughts on an Asiaone Article About Miscarriages

Article: This article reports an issue many ladies have experienced at least once during their reproductive journey, but it is also something many will choose to avoid discussing. Miscarriages still carry a stigma, which should never be the case as it is almost always beyond one’s control despite all efforts. It is often a once-off event […]

Doctor’s Commentary: Foetus in Her Fallopian Tube

Asiaone recently published an article I have a few observations on ectopic pregnancies all ladies should be aware of: The situation described in the article is actually quite typical of how ectopic pregnancies present. By doing certain blood tests, we may sometimes be able to gauge the risk of an ectopic pregnancy early, before it can even […]

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