Male Fertility

Do you know your fertility?

Male infertility occurs in about 30-60% of all couples facing fertility issues. And it does NOT depend on the age of the man. Both younger and older men face the same risks and issues concerning semen quality

When should you be concerned?

If you have been trying to conceive for 6-12 months without success.

How to check your fertility?

The easiest way would be to do a sperm test.

Package Details

Price: $260 (Inclusive GST)

  1. Specialist Consult with Male Doctor (Men only*)
  2. Semen Analysis
  3. Follow-up Review of Results

* Different charges apply if wife is also consulting

“The first step to a successful pregnancy is understanding what prevents it.”

- Dr Fong Yang

Dr Fong Yang

Dr Fong Yang is an accredited MOH IVF clinician, with 18 years of experience in O&G. He is one of the rare few IVF clinicians who treats both male and female infertility. Currently, he also performs Intra-Uterine Insemination (IUI) for women as part of their fertility treatment.

Common FAQs

What happens after the semen analysis?

The analysis can help to identify specific semen problems, which can then be treated in different ways. Some problems will respond faster and better to treatment than others.

What if my sperms are normal but I have other male performance issues?

There are other aspects of male infertility, which may include:
i) erectile dysfunction/ difficulty
ii) premature ejaculation
iii) difficulty in maintaining erections / performance anxiety
iv) hereditary problems or genetic disorders (rare)

In this case, other solutions might be considered e.g. medication, surgery, assisted reproductive techniques, donor semen etc. Some of these would require co-management with another specialist, like a urologist

Why am I seeing a gynae for male fertility assessment? Aren't gynaecologists doctors for women?

Sub-fertility can be due to either partner, and usually ladies will seek consultation with a gynaecologist first. At this juncture, the gynaecologist can order a simple semen test for the male partner, and if it turns out normal, we can then look for other factors that are affecting the chances of pregnancy.

Can my wife's fertility be assessed too?

Yes, we also have a couple fertility assessment package at $500. You can let us know when you’re making an appointment.

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