Pregnancy Failure

Every loss of pregnancy is a heartache. We hope to offer comfort and help
you through to your next pregnancy at Aspire Centre for Women & Fertility.

Pregnancy Failure

Every early loss of pregnancy is a heartache to expectant parents. At Aspire Centre for Women & Fertility, we provide a comforting touch and help you through to your next pregnancy.

When Pregnancy Fails...

Early Pregnancy Loss

Early pregnancy loss refers to a miscarriage before the 12th week of the pregnancy. 25% of pregnancies end up in a miscarriage.

Most pregnancy losses are a result of unhealthy embryos. The signs and symptoms of a miscarriage may be vaginal bleeding or passing clots. Some patients may also experience lower abdominal cramps.

An ultrasound scan can be done to ascertain if there is miscarriage.

The doctor would advise if there is a need to perform any procedure to remove the pregnancy tissue if it is not expelled on its own.

Some women might experience some mild vaginal bleeding or cramps during their pregnancies. They should inform the doctor as soon as possible.

Recurrent Miscarriages

Recurrent miscarriages are emotionally draining. It is defined by three or more consecutive pregnancy losses, usually in the 1st trimester. Couples who have experienced more than two failed pregnancies should seek a more detailed medical evaluation.

Some investigations involve blood tests to examine hormonal abnormalities or blood disorders, ultrasound scans or even minor surgical procedures like hysteroscopy. Women with poorly-controlled diabetes or polycystic ovary syndrome may also be at a higher risk of miscarriages.

Understanding the root causes of the miscarriages can increase the chances of a successful and smooth pregnancy.

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