Dr Fong Yang’s Thoughts on an Asiaone Article About Miscarriages


This article reports an issue many ladies have experienced at least once during their reproductive journey, but it is also something many will choose to avoid discussing.

Miscarriages still carry a stigma, which should never be the case as it is almost always beyond one’s control despite all efforts. It is often a once-off event and has no bearing on future pregnancies.

However, there is a situation when a lady suffers three or more consecutive miscarriages, which may be due to potentially correctable causes.

These miscarriages typically happen:

  1. Around or before six weeks of pregnancy (Day 0 being the start of a normal menstrual cycle).
  2. The pregnancy may or may not have a fetal heartbeat, and sometimes it is just an empty sac.
  3. It can happen even if you have had a normal and healthy pregnancy/baby before.

Some of these miscarriages may be due to the lack of specific proteins in the lady’s body or an excess of specific antibodies that attack the fetal tissue. Most of these can be corrected.
There are also recurrent miscarriages due to inherited genetic or chromosome abnormalities. These usually present from the very 1st pregnancy, and these unfortunate couples may never have had any healthy pregnancies.

Identifying these problems before conception and implementing therapy as early as possible is crucial to reducing the risk of another miscarriage. Ladies, there is no need to suffer any further unnecessary mental anguish!

About the author

About Dr. Fong Yang Dr. Fong Yang is an accredited Ministry of Health IVF clinician, with over 20 years of experience in the specialised field of Obstetrics and Gynaecology. He is one of the few IVF clinicians who treats both male and female infertility, and was the first in Singapore to perform percutaneous sperm aspiration for men.

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